Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Flexible Packaging for Food Cost-effective performance and visual impact

American Packaging Corporation (APC) has many decades of experience serving customers in the diverse markets of dry foods, confection, fresh produce, and other similar food products. With our wide-ranging flexible packaging product offering, including rollstock, overwraps, premade bags and pouches, and more, we have effective packaging solutions for virtually any food product application. Our teams have vast expertise in providing the needed barrier performance to protect food products from moisture, oxygen, odor, and grease. We also offer superior flexographic and rotogravure printing, ensuring our customers’ food products truly stand out from the competition.

Our Processes Include

  • Narrow and Wide-Web Flexographic Printing
    • Up to 10 colors with in-Line Lamination and Coating Capabilities
    • Patterned Applied Anti-Fog Coating or Anti-Fog in Film Options
  • Narrow and Wide Web Rotogravure Printing
    • Up to 10 Colors, Ability to Print 8 with in-Line Tandem Laminating Capabilities
    • High Gloss or Matte Lacquer
    • Holographic Films & Papers
    • Promotional Coupons
    • Proof of Purchase Stickers
    • Backside Printing of Games and Sweepstakes
      • Thermo Chromatic Inks
      • Scratch-off Inks
      • Random Sequential Numbering
  • Multi-ply Adhesive and Extrusion Laminations
    • Tandem Extrusion and Adhesive Laminations of Film, Paper, and Foil
    • Foil and Non Foil Barrier Structures
    • Paper and Film-Based Structures
    • Dry Bond or Solventless Adhesives
  • Die Cutting
    • Tamper Evident Capabilities
    • Specialty extrusion heat seal coating
    • Extrusion coatings capable of sealing to following tray stocks: PP, HDPE, HIPS, PETG, APET, CPET
    • Microwaveable Steam-in-Bag Structures
    • Registered Heat Seal or Cold Seal
    • Gravure Applied Hot Melt
    • Special Features on Preformed Packages for Increased Value
      • Reclosable Zippers
      • Laser Scoring and Tear Notches Easy Opening
      • Shaped Pouches
      • Hang Holes
      • Multi-compartments
      • Tin Ties for End User Reclosure
      • Wickets

Labeling, Lidding, and More Producing the desired appearance and performance

In addition to our full line of flexible packaging in the form of rollstock, overwraps, and premade bags and pouches, APC also offers a range of food product labeling and lidding solutions to meet nearly any need or application demands. Our labeling capabilities include printing and laminating roll-fed label, liners, and spiral-wound composite cans. We also deliver cost-effective lidding for a variety of dry foods and snacks, cultured dairy products, and much more in the form of paper, film, and foil-based rollstocks.

No matter what your unique food packaging, lidding, and labeling requirements, the expert team at APC is here to guide you through the process of developing your ideal flexible packaging solution and producing it to meet your exact needs.

Ready for your brand to stand out? The team at APC is standing by to deliver packaging excellence to you.

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