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Packaging Innovation

By William Klabunde | Industrial Design Specialist

As an Industrial Designer for the Solutions Team some of my goals are to help improve the functionality, customer/consumer experience, and appearance of package styles that our customers are asking for. A key part of this is assisting in the product development cycle where ideas or concepts are transformed into graphic designs, illustrations, and functional prototypes. During the product development cycle, I help fill in certain creative areas, like design, product photography, and creating physical mock-ups. All of this ultimately leads to improving the overall value and experience APC provides to customers and consumers.
The Design Process typically starts with an internal or external customer coming to us with a packaging design they’re looking to implement. We then expand on that and brainstorm options to address their request. This process can take different forms including expanding our “consumer” research to APC employees.
Distilling down those initial ideas is typically done through Ideation Sketching. This is a process of moving from Rough Drawings of the general concept to refinement of what the final package may look like and how it will function.

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