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In 2014, American Packaging Corporation (APC) established our Center for Packaging Innovation in Columbus, Wisconsin, where our dedicated Solutions Team focuses on research and development projects designed to bring innovation to our product lines. Our Solutions Team works with customers to solve their business and innovation challenges. The Center offers a process from Ideation through Prototypes that helps identify project goals, constraints, and solutions for challenges of today and beyond.

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APC Sponsors 2 Initiative at RIT

a. Dedicated to Flexible Packaging material development
b. Testing and Material Development Lab

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    American Packaging is enthused by the activity with RIT’s packaging science program and is impressed by the momentum that the University has within our industry. The close proximity between our manufacturing facility and the University has allowed for a strong relationship. Over the years APC has become an integral part of course development as it pertains to flexible packaging and actively partakes in student growth. Here’s a snapshot of on-going activities:APC sponsors and guides RIT’s research and development of innovative materials and packaging solutions. This research includes breathable films, sustainability, pouching options and much more. Experimentation and testing is performed in the APC Center for Packaging Innovation at RIT.
    APC sponsors an annual packaging challenge where students from various departments work together to develop innovative solutions. Finished projects are judged on the following criteria: Package Cost, Graphic Design, Package Innovation, Sustainability, Shelf Presence, Shelf Utilization, Supply Chain Cost and Presentation Style.On-going 6 month internships with APC’s manufacturing facility where students gain hands on flexible packaging converting experience working in APC’s Analytical and QA Labs.APC has assisted RIT to develop the curriculum and course content for a Flexible Packaging Minor at RIT (courses to start in Spring 2015).APC is assisting RIT in the development of an on-line packaging course for professional development. Graduates will receive continuing education credit.APC is assisting RIT in the development of an educational workshop on Flexible Packaging and Sustainability. It will be open to Consumer Goods Companies, Packaging Suppliers, Students and Faculty. The workshop will include hands on project activities, open discussion, and futuristic brainstorming.

a. Dedicated to Sustainability in all forms Packaging
b. Consortium of companies that guide research and innovation

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    Through a collaborative partnership between RIT, The Wegman Family Charitable Foundation and American Packaging Corporation an education and research center was created to accelerate the development of realistic solutions in sustainable packaging.The Center is a testing ground for new ideas and solutions for students, researchers, faculty and corporate partners that are interested in sustainable packaging. It is housed within the College of Applied Science and Technology building at RIT, and a Steering Committee comprised of RIT, Wegmans, and American Packaging meets monthly to drive projects, set priorities and review status.

    Developmental Projects currently underway:
    HPP [high pressure processing] for increased shelf life or less food waste.
    Mineral filled plastics for reduction in carbon footprint.
    Evaluation of bio plastics to determine the overall Carbon Footprint of “Environmentally Friendly” Structures
    Extended Shelf Life of Fresh Produce through testing and material advancements

    The focus of the Center will continue to evaluate the environmental, social, and economic impacts of new and existing products. As a premier school for packaging science, RIT has been a leading force in developing young leaders in the packaging industry. American Packaging is proud to be a partner in the development of new materials, processes and designs based on current and future industry needs.

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